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About us

The Anglican Episcopal Church Diocese of Europe forms part of the Anglican Episcopal Church of Chile.

The Anglican Episcopal Church has dioceses on every continent.

We are traditional anglicans with an all-male priesthood and we do not bless gay marriages. We are a continuing Anglican Church.

Our Bishops, Priests and Deacons have the option to marry or remain celebate according to the 39 articles of religion.

We believe that Scripture contains everything necessary to salvation.

Married or single men who wish to pursue a priestly voctaion in the Anglican Episcopal Church of Europe are very welcome to contact us.

Incardination is possible for clergy coming from other churches or denominations. Married priests are also very welcome to serve within our church.

We are a small church and a poor church. We serve the poor, the sick, the lonely, the suffering, the crying, the needy. We have missions all over the world.

All our Bishops, Priests and Deacons, like all our lay members, work for a living. We are non-stipendary priests. We must finance our own ministry.

Our priests serve in parishes, schools, prisons, hospitals, old people’s homes, scout groups, charitable non-governmental organizations.


As for doctrine, we hold very dear to heart (a) Holy Scripture (b) the first 7 Ecumenical Councils (c) the 39 Articles of Religion (d) the 1928 Book of Common Prayer (e) the Lambeth Quadrilateral.

The Archbishop

The Archbishop Primate of the Anglican Episcopal Church is Archbishop Patricio Viveros Robles. His seat is in Chile. He is directly responsible for the Dioces of Europe. He is also the ordinary of the Anglican Episcopal Church Diocese of Europe.


In Malta we celebrate Holy Eucharist every Saturday at 6:00pm at the TOPAZ Hotel, Bugibba

In England we celebrate Holy Eucharist every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 11:00am at St Chad’s Church, Pleasley Vale, Mansfield Woodhouse